Award-Winning Craft Booths At Norsk Høstfest

48 hours ago, we were broadcasting live from the site of the Norsk Høstfest in Minot.
And there are still two full days remaining in the festival.
But what sights should you be sure to see?
Jim Olson is live at Høstfest to tell us about a couple of award winning vendors.

Earlier this hour I told you about a couple of the booths that won Dala Horse Awards as the best of the festival.
This time, I have a couple of craft booths to show you.

One of them features hand-blown glass shaped into various pieces of jewelry.
The other shows you how old-fashioned Scandinavian spoons are made.

(Erik Vevang, Vevang Minneapolis) “Starting with logs of green wood, split it up, chop out spoon shapes and then go in with knives to complete the spoon.”
“What do you offer here?”
(Jean Kannakko, Kannakko Glass) “Hand blown glass. She’s quite the artist. Really, really a great job. Her work is exceptional.”

The glass shop is here in Stockholm Hall, while the spoon making happens in the Artisan Village located in Copenhagen Hall.

And before I go – I want to honor Audrey Nelson – a long-time volunteer at Høstfest who has, since 1999, been in charge of what’s called the Viking Market.
That’s pretty much everything that goes on here, other than what’s on the stages.
So from food to artisans to exhibitors, Audrey has been in charge of it all – and has announced that this is her last year in that position.
She was given a special “Chester Award” last night – the award that goes out to the best of the best here at the festival.

Congratulations to Audrey –  a person who’s dealt with thousands of people over the years and I don’t think anyone would have a bad word to say about her.
She’ll be missed around Høstfest.

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