B-52 Aircrew Members Return to Minot for Air Show after nearly 60 years

The Northern Neighbors Air Show brought in both new and old faces. The B-52s may be the one of the most recognizable symbols of the base today, but back in 1961 the stratofortresses were a new concept.

Bradly Foote and William Sims were part of the crew that brought the planes to the base for the first time and helped teach personnel the ins and outs of the bombers. 

“This was entirely different at that time, it was almost open plain at that time. Now they have so many buildings around, I hardly even recognize anything,” says William Sims, Former B-52 Aircrew Member.

This is the first time Sims and Foote have returned to the base since their change of station nearly 60 years ago. Sims says the reunion was “super” and he was eager to see the B-52 fly in the Air Show.

“In fact, I tried to talk them into letting me get on board one, but they said not ‘No’, but -you know, like- ‘H’-no. You know, I can’t get on an airplane,'” says Sims.

Minot is one of only two U.S. Air Force bases where B-52s are stationed. 

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