Baby bottle campaign

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A non-profit– aimed to help expecting moms is trying to raise money to pay their rent.

Dakota Hope Clinic in Minot is trying to raise 30-thousand dollars through their baby bottle campaign. 

Hundreds of baby bottles have been passed out to local businesses and organizations. 

The goal is to get the community to donate their spare change to fill the bottles. 

The money raised will help cover rent and bill costs at the facility.

“All of our services are free so you know the clients don’t have to pay for anything but we have employees that are paid, we have of course out rent, and we have bills insurance things like that, that we have to pay but of all the money does come in 70% of it still goes towards our programs,” said Tim Knutson who is the director of development.

Dakota Hope Clinic is the only facility in the Northwestern region that provides free pregnancy health services. 

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