Back to school transitions

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As teachers spend the final days leading up to school preparing, parents can do the same.

Kelly Vigness, a first-grade teacher at Bel-Air Elementary said a big difference between kindergarten and first grade is the curriculum.

The expectation of students changes from less playtime and more math and reading.

Vigness said she does her best to incorporate games to make learning fun, but also says that parents can play a big role in the days leading up to school by reading with their kids and learning more about what their school day will be like.

“I would just encourage parents to make sure that when they come to their open house or the first day of school, to make sure they read through the paperwork because it will be important information in there about what the new teacher’s expectations are,” she said. “Because every teacher does things just a little bit differently as far as homework, what days of the week they have gym, library.”

Vigness said kids are usually exhausted at the start of school, so a good way for parents to ease into a bedtime transition these next couple of weeks is to cut bedtime back by about 15 minutes a night.

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