Baker Boy’s new treat has sweetness in every bite

Baker Boy has been in Dickinson,ND for more than 60 years and produces about 300 different products, and now they have new treat out that customers are devouring  just as fast as Baker Boy can make it.

The manufacturer takes the donut business seriously, and they are introducing a product they feel will revolutionize the donut market: the Magic Ring.

“Jelly around the perimeter of the donut. . . around the ring of the donut,” said Guy Moos, president of Baker Boy.

Regular donuts have jelly bunched up the middle, and people have to take a few bites before they can reach that sweet spot.

“This has jelly in every bite,” said Moos.

The Magic Ring donut was launched in August, but Moos said he discovered the idea and technology for the donut when he was traveling over in Europe last year.

“I was so excited to see something that revolutionary. I call it a ‘disruptive product’, because nobody in North America was doing it”.

Baker Boy is producing 5,000 Magic Ring donuts per hour, and they plan on producing even more in the upcoming future.

“We will have the capacity to make about 20,000 donuts per hour in the near future,” said Derek Rambousek, director of manufacturing for Baker Boy.

Magic Ring donuts currently come in chocolate, Bavarian creme and red raspberry, but more flavors are on the way.

“Very soon we are rolling out strawberry creme cheese and a blueberry,” said Moos.

The donuts can currently be found at Dan’s Supermarket in Bismarck,the Donut Hole in Dickinson, and starting next week Marketplace Foods in Minot.

“My hope is they are coming to a store near you soon,” said Moos.

And Moos hopes that with every bite customers will love them that much more.

In the new year, Baker Boy will have Magic Ring donuts that are already frosted with sprinkles, packaged and ready for sale.

Baker Boy’s new treat has sweetness in every bite

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