Band educates students on financial responsibility through music

This week the rock band Gooding visited  North Dakota schools for its Funding the Future Tour.

The band’s event’s are not just about the music; they also raise financial awareness for students.

A rock concert and financial lecture in a high school gymnasium don’t exactly go together like peanut butter and jelly, but the band Gooding makes it work.

”  ‘The Coolest Financial Advisor’ in the United States, that was the title in a Wall Street Journal article. Of course I was interested in this, and there was a picture of a rock and roll band. It was Gooding,” said Lauren Strinden, Investment Education Coordinator for North Dakota Securities Department.

Strinden, who sponsored the event at Beach High School, was thrilled to hear the band  visits schools and offers financial literacy to students through its concerts.

“They get to college  . . and they are given credit cards. They don’t realize . . .they think they are rich all of the sudden and start spending all that money . . .beyond what they can afford. Then they have these students loans on top of it,” said Strinden.

The band’s lead singer, Gooding, said  “It’s really not even just about money. It’s about giving them hope. Some type of belief that by working hard something good can come out of it”. >

When the band tours schools, they talk to students about credit scores, student loans and credit cards, but how does a rock band get students to listen to them about financial advice?

“I always say music makes the medicine go down. We play first . . .that way we get that teachable moment. We get that vibe in the room where we can really talk to them,” said Gooding.

About 160 students came to the concert, and the band was impressed with the students participation during the event. .

” We are getting financial literacy questions . . . the kids really seem receptive,” said Gooding.

The band is heading to Jamestown High school next, and they plan on visiting 100 schools this year around the country for their Funding the Future Tour.

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