“The rest of the world should be so lucky to call North Dakota home.”

That’s what the Sports Hall of Fame basketball coach Dale Brown says about his home state.

And this summer, the former LSU basketball coach will be getting some recognition in his hometown of Minot.

Jennifer Kleen tells us about the upcoming Dale Brown Courts Dedication ceremony.

(Jennifer Kleen, KX News) Some of the greatest relationships are built on the basketball court. That could at least be said for one of Minot’s favorite sons: Dale Brown.

(A.J. Lizotte, Dale Brown Courts Dedication Coordinator) “He’s a legend.”

(Kleen) A St. Leo’s athlete, a Minot State grad, Bishop Ryan coach and perhaps Dale Brown’s star play, head basketball coach at Louisiana State University.

(Lizotte) “It just dawned on me, he hasn’t been recognized in the state or in Minot and this is a fitting place for it to happen because Ookie was a friend of Dale’s and somewhat of a mentor to him as he grew up.”

(Kleen) Now it will be Dale’s courts at Reuben ‘Ookie’ Hammond’s park.

(Lizotte) “Ookie Hammond was the recreation commission person years back. He and Dale established a relationship as Dale played basketball in his youth.”

(Kleen) Dale Brown will be home in August, speaking at the Holiday in on August 19 with the dedication the following day. The dedication of the courts and the unveiling of a statue in his honor cost about 60-thousand dollars. To attend Brown’s speech or to help with the cause, contact the Minot Park District. 

(Dale Brown, Former LSU Basketball Coach) “Being from Minot gives me particular pleasure because I was working here when I was in college helping to build this space. I didn’t do a lot of work but I had a shovel in my hand.”

(Announcer) “Dale Brown is going to the Final Four for the second time in his reign.”

(Lizotte) “Dale will take the time to talk to anybody. He’s a kind, caring, compassionate person.”

(Kleen) The kind of friend you’ll find at the Dale Brown Courts. In Minot, Jennifer Kleen, KX News.

Lizotte says he’s keeping the statue design a secret so there’s no chance Dale Brown will know about it before the unveiling in August.