Battle For Position As Top County Prosecutor

Ward County voters will be deciding between an incumbent who’s been in the job for ten years and a challenger for the job of state’s attorney.
Jim Olson talked with Roza Larson and Andrew Schultz about their race for the top prosecutor job in the county.

Ward County State’s Attorney Roza Larson and challenger Andrew Schultz faced off in June during the primary – and Schultz came out on top. He says that’s an indication of what he’s seeing as he campaigns.

(Andrew Schultz, Candidate for Ward Co. State’s Attorney) “There is definitely a feeling that it’s time for some new blood – time for a bold new approach.”

But incumbent Roza Larson says she and the office have been evolving in her 21 years as a prosecutor – and her expereience is needed as changes continue.

(Roza Larson, Ward Co. State’s Attorney) “With experience comes knowledge of the law. With experience comes trust that people have in you because you know the law and when you talk about the changes that need to be made in some of the statutes that we work with.”

She points to her work on an interim legislative committee that led to legislation last year aimed at, among other things, seeks to work with felons being released from prison to help them avoid becoming repeat offenders.

(Roza Larson, Ward Co. State’s Attorney) “There’s been a lot of change since I became an assistant in 1997 and it’s good change and hopefully is helping people become better neighbors and at the same time keeps our community safe and holds them accountable.”

As for the challenger, Schultz says with eight years in the ‘trenches’ as a defense attorney, he’s ready to get into what he says he’s always wanted to do – prosecution.

(Andrew Schultz, Candidate for Ward Co. State’s Attorney) “Prosecuting is something I’ve always wanted to do. Not just because it’s an issue of power and discretion but you have the ability to affect more change in a day, to affect someone’s life positively as a prosecutor than you ever could on the other side of the bar.”

Come Tuesday, we’ll see if Schultz makes the move to prosecutor, or if Larson wins her third election as state’s attorney. Jim Olson, KX News.

Larson was first appointed state’s attorney in 2009.

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