BB: Watford City’s population is expanding, and so are the businesses


Watford City has nearly quintupled in size. In 2007, Watford City had a population just under 1400. Last year, it reached over 6500.

Businesses are popping up left and right to accommodate everybody.

“The population was growing incredibly large and still is, actually, it’s getting bigger,” said Shasta Fuller, general manager Corner Post.

The Corner Post opened last March on the east side of town. Before then, people had to travel farther into town to get gas or snacks.

“On this end of town, there was no convenience/grocery store any kind of business at all,” said Fuller.

The store has some things other convenience stores might not.

“A pretty good sized bait and tackle area along with hot meals all day long,” Fuller added.

Another locally owned business is Latte Da. It’s been around 15 years, but a new owner took over earlier this year. With two locations, there is definitely a need for a coffee hut.

“This shack’s always busy, but the other one is kind of slower, but it’s still always busy. I would say it’s a need just cause people come through and it’s still busy all the time,” said Chelsea DeFoe, employee Latte Da.

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