Beam me up? How about laser beams from my eyes.


In the near future, you may be able to shoot laser light from your eyes or fingernails

Researchers have demonstrated it is now possible to install the circuitry needed to generate laser light into thin, flexible items such as contact lenses and fingernails.

Until now, the ultra thin circuitry needed a more rigid support system to work.

But in an article published May 1 in the journal “Nature Communications,” researchers showed how lasers can be embedded into “free-standing membranes,” such as contact lenses and fingernails.

Further, they explained how they could embed the laser circuitry into banknotes, “where the unique lasing spectrum is readily read out and used as security feature.”

The laser light would be very low power — a far cry from being able to melt something by staring very hard, or cutting a hole in the wall of the neighborhood bank vault.

Instead, the laser circuitry in a contact lens could be activated to provide biometric identification of a person, allowing or blocking access to a secure area.

The researchers say the light levels they used as safe for humans. “The pump thresholds and emission intensity of our membrane lasers are well within the permissible exposures for ocular safety and we demonstrate integration on contact lenses as wearable security tags,” they wrote.

Your can read and download the full study here.

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