We all know it’s pretty cold in North Dakota, so what’s better than drinking a beer and having a beard to keep you warm.

The Drink at Lakewood just hosted its first annual Beards and Beers Event, not only to show off some new beers but also some of the best beards in town.

The event had about 20 contestants being judged on best mustache, best medium-full beard, and the best long full beard. The competition was fierce.

Marketing Coordinator at McQuade Distributing, Heather Nelsen says, “It’s been good there’s a lot of men that have good mustaches and beards in this town.”
Studies show that women like men with facial hair, which just goes to show why the Drink’s Beards and Beers night brought in so many people.
“There’s not a lot of these that go around and actually held in town. I kinda wanted to do a little something different bring people in give a different event in town,” says contestant and employee at The Drink, Breyden Popp.
The Burleigh Beard Company, The Drink, and McQuades Distributing all came together to put on this event for the community, each taking their beard judging very seriously.
Starter of Burleigh Beard Company, Ryanne Pappa, “We are doing it on size, quality, color, style and presentation, and creativity, and there are 5 extra points for charisma.”
Charisma each contestant definitely brought to the table.
But keeping up a great mustache and beard isn’t as easy as one thinks.
“Well every time I look into the wind it’s in my eyes and every time I try to eat something it’s in my mustache. And every time I try to eat a bowl of cereal or soup I look like a kitten trying to drink for the first time. It’s everywhere and you just try to learn to deal with it,” says Popp.
While it might not be easy to have a beard, the owner of the Burleigh Beard Company tells me its something that brings people with beards together.
“Bearded guys all get along, it’s like some unwritten brotherhood, it’s like the only way you can be a guy and flirt with another guy is called ‘beardmancing,'” says Pappa. “Beardmancing is a legit thing. It is dudes talking to other dudes about their beards.”
I decided to ask some people what their favorite beards were?
“I do dig the guy that has the double curl on his mustache…I mean how could you not like that cover this with the double curl,” says Nelsen. 
A big congratulations to all the winners of this year’s Beards and Beers Competition. They told me they plan on doing it again for next year.