A second-grade girl from Colorado has inspired a wave of kindness that has swept over a Williston elementary school.
Jim Olson was at Wilkinson Elementary as young Lily Allison inspired kids to fight bullying by being kind.

(Lily Allison, “Be Kind” Project) “Hi my name is Lilly…and I’m 8 years old.”

Lily Allison, an 8-year-old second-grader from Colorado, has known bullying. A rare disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome causes her joints to often dislocate – forcing her to sometimes use a wheelchair. So on many levels, her message gets through to these kids.

(Lily Allison, Be Kind Project) “The words you use matter and it feels good to be kind.”

Lily and her mom Makayla created “Be Kind” to help kids remember to let the good shine through. And at Wilkinson Elementary in Williston, the students have been practicing “Be Kind” for months leading up to Lily’s visit.

(Miles Frye, Wilkinson 4th Grader) “In our school, we are always kind. We do kind things.”
(Madisun Hester, Wilkinson 4th Grader) “It means say nice things to other people to make them happy.”
(Cambre Faulkner, Wilkinson 2nd Grader) “If someone is being mean to you, you can be nice to them.”
(Zahara Mohamed, Wilkinson 3rd Grader) “Treating other people, even though they’re not nice to you…be nice to them.”
(Lilly Roness, Wilkinson 3rd Grader) “Kindness is how you should live and that’s just who I am.”
(Lily Allison, Be Kind Project) “If somebody bullies you then you can’t act mean because then there’s more meanness in the world. If you just be kind, then it can change the world.”

Quite a message from an 8-year-old. Oh, and did I mention she ‘sometimes’ uses a wheelchair. She also ‘sometimes’ does not need it.
A fact she used on stage Friday to drive home her kindness message by quoting from the book she and her mother have written called, Be Kind, Silly.

(Lily Allison, Be Kind Project) “A kind of world where things that make us different make us great. It feels good to be kind.”

A powerful message from a powerful girl.
In Williston, Jim Olson, KX  News.

Williston is the first location for the “Be Kind” project. Makayla Allison says it is scheduled to expand into schools in Lily’s home state of Colorado, plus Utah and Wyoming in the fall.

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