Beef Commission Working to Put Leaner Meat on Your Plate

The North Dakota Beef Commission has been taking steps for years to put leaner meat on your plate. 

It was back in the late 1980’s that the Commission came up with six different skinny cuts of beef. Meaning, all six cuts qualified as lean under USDA standards.

These standards take into account fat, including saturated fats, and cholesterol. 

Today, the Commission has over 30 lean cuts to offer. And the Director says, because producers, processors, feeders and food companies are all working together on this goal, they’ve managed to reduce the total fat content of beef by almost 44 percent.

North Dakota Beef Commission Executive Director Nancy Jo Bateman says, “What’s been exciting with beef and other red meats as well, is that we’ve been able to reduce the fat without reducing the tenderness, the flavor, the great qualities that you have, that make you want to eat beef or other red meats.”

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