Berthold Residents Are Trying To Silence The Railroad

Railroad tracks run through several small towns in North Dakota.

Most of the time – the trains blow their horns to let everyone know they are coming through.

But that loud horn has become a bother to several residents of Berthold. Now they’re searching for silence.

Imagine hearing this sound several times a day.

“Loud. Terrifyingly loud,” said Nicki Shelkey, Berthold Resident.

You could understand why people would enjoy some peace and quiet.

“You actually have to hold your ears when the horn goes by,” said Jill McCoy, Berthold Resident.

That’s why residents are ready to keep the horn quiet.

“You can hear it all through town and the closer you get to the tracks it’s more disturbing,” said Al Schmidt, Berthold Police Chief.

The Berthold Police Chief reached out to a engineering company in Minneapolis that has silenced trains in other towns. In those places that horn is replaced by cement dividers that prevent cars from going between the railroad crossing arms.

“The cars couldn’t get across even if they wanted to,” said Schmidt.

Jill McCoy’s house is right next to the tracks and she says she’s in favor of a change.

“It’s not the rumbling that is so loud and bother some, it’s the whistle. It’s the horn that goes off several times all throughout the town,” said McCoy.

Nicki Shelkey feels the same way.

“You can’t visit, you can’t hear the t.v.,” said Shelkey.

Both of them are anxious to get this project complete.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Shelkey.

“I would enjoy it a lot more. We’d be able to enjoy our backyard more,” said McCoy.

There would be no more interruptions. There would just be a train passing through town quietly.

The project would cost an estimated one hundred thousand dollars.

The Berthold Economic Development Committee has donated thirty five thousand to the project.

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