Beulah Named Safest City in North Dakota

The results are in…
The safest cities of North Dakota have been announced, and the city of Beulah takes home the gold.
SafeWise, a national safety organization, named Beulah as the safest city in North Dakota.
It used FBI crime statistics from 2014 on all cities with a population of at least 2,000.
From there, took the number of reported property and violent crimes and estimated per 1,000 residents.
Beulah, North Dakota prides itself in having a family friendly atmosphere.
With a population of over 3,000 people, the city was amazed at the award they received.
“When we found out this morning that we’re number one, I guess, I’m pretty honored and humbled. It’s quite an honor to receive the whole state of North Dakota,” says Clyde Schulz, the city’s police commissioner and councilman. 
SafeWise calculated that fewer than 2 people would be victims of a violent crime in Beulah.  
Police chief Frank Senn attributes the school system to its overall safety.
Beulah cares about its children.
Seen says, “It is safe, and we pride ourselves in that. but we also pride ourselves in putting our children first and that’s evidence through our school system, you know, through our churches.”
Beulah is able to keep the families there for generations as well as bring many new families in.
Law enforcement is appreciative of the support from local residents to keep the town safe.
“With our community and the support that we have from the community, makes it very easy for us to do our jobs.”
Here are the top 5:
1. Beulah
2. New Town
3. Carrington
4. Stanley
5. Lincoln
Other larger cities:
11. Bismarck
12. Minot
13. Fargo
17. Dickinson
21. Williston

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