Beulah Public Schools Face Bullying Head On

This small North Dakota school is giving kids the tools they need to stop bullying in its tracks.
In this month’s Not in Our Town, we’re learning how kids and teachers are teaming up to keep students safe in and out of the classroom.
These students are speaking out against bullying one class, and one note, at a time.
“Giving students a voice, I think is a beautiful thing for us to do,” Jessica  Biesterfeld, Beulah High School English teacher says.
Beulah Public Schools is using Olweus, a program that pairs a teacher with a group of students, to discuss real issues.
“This has given our students a chance to talk about the things that they are interested in, and they want to know more about the problems that they want to tackle,” Biesterfeld says.
Issues like bullying prevention and advocating for others.
Now, students don’t have to wait to let an adult know about being bullied.
They can go to one of a number of lockers throughout the school and leave a note to report any incidents of bullying or harassment they see.
“The students are more aware and they’re reporting more,” Kevin Hoherz, Beulah High School principal says.
And with more reports, schools can address problems faster.
“I think just bringing us together shows us exactly like what we need to change and fix [problems],” Cassidy Nelson, sophomore, Beulah High School says.
Taking the first step to making real change.
“We want to train the kids that you treat them fairly, you want to make them good adults, you want to make students and young adults that are proper citizens,” Hoherz says.
“I definitely think it’s making an impact,” Phoebe Garman, junior, Beulah High School says.

 For these students and beyond.Olweus is nation wide and teaches bullying prevention in schools.

This is the second year Beulah Public Schools have implemented the program in their classrooms.

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