Bike registration with BPD

Now, you can keep your bike safe — by registering it.

Cycling is becoming more popular in North Dakota, whether it’s to commute, exercise or for fun. 

“I do 12 months a year. It doesn’t matter winter or summer,” said Rangbar.  

 Rangbar prefers to ride his bike in town.  

“It’s good for the environment and good for your heart,” said Rangbar. 

Although his bike has never been stolen, he knows it can be an easy target for thieves. Bismarck Crime Prevention Officer, Caitlin Horne, says lost or stolen bikes is a problem they see.

“If somebody steals a bike in one part of a location, and they need to get up to the north side of Bismarck. They will ride the bike to Bismarck and then they will just ditch it. They will put it in a private parking lot or an apartment building. I would say we find half of the bikes that are stolen,” said Horne, Crime Prevention, Community Services.

That’s why they’ve created a new program. It’s a database to keep tabs on your bike by registering with the Bismarck Police Department, whether it is stolen or lost. It is also free. 

The process is easy, all you have to do is go on the City of Bismarck website, click on the I Want Tab, register your bike and then you be able to fill out your name, address, bike’s serial number and more. It is all stored here in the police department. 

 “It will automatically go into an excel program. So, not only will it have all the information about what you put in. It will also tell what date and time you put in the information,” said Horne.

Once your bike is found, the police will bring it to you in order to prevent it from going directly to auction.

“In 2018, our auction had 180  bikes. It takes up a lot of space,” said Horne. 

Out of that number, the Bismarck Police Department estimates that nearly half were reported stolen. But it all starts with you. 

“You want to lock the front wheel together with the frame and then you find a utility pole and then you wrap it around,” said Jairo Ramos, Service Manager at 701 Cycle and Sport.

This new way of tracking your bike can save you time and money down to the line.

According to the National Bike Registry, over 1.5 million bicycles are stolen every year.

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