Biking And Building Across America


A group of bicyclists is making its way across North Dakota this weekend – as part of a 3,875 mile ride across America.

Jim Olson intercepted the bikers as they headed west from Rugby to Minot today.

(Elise Goldfine, Massachusetts) “This has been the most amazing summer of my life.”

And why not? Elise Goldfine lives in Boston is seeing the country from the seat of a bicycle.

(Marko Lazin, New York) “The opportunity to bike across the country comes very few times in a lifetime so I pounced.”

Marko Lazin says he grabbed that chance to break out of his unfulfilling life in New York City. And he’s making the most of it – stopping along the way to take photos that capture something special.

(Marko Lazin, New York) “Traveling across the country on bike has been fascinating because you really get to see all the transitions between all the different landscapes and you get a sense for how it all weaves together.”

But this group of three dozen cyclists isn’t just pedaling across America.

(Elise Goldfine, Massachusetts) “Nope, we are not. We’re building houses.”

(Casey Welsh, Pennsylvania) “Building houses, putting up walls, digging trenches.”

Every week or so, the Bike and Build group takes time away from the road, to help people who need affordable housing.

(Casey Welsh, Pennsylvania) “We’re doing a lot of good out here. It’s amazing to wake up every morning and know you’re having an impact. It’s refreshing.”

Each rider raised at least five thousand dollars in donations that will also help tackle housing issues along their route. From start to finish, they’re taking on some big tasks.

(Marko Lazin, New York) “It’s motivating to know there are people out there that care and want to give back. There are a lot of us on this trip that gave up pretty solid, cushy lifestyles to do something like this and really taking this opportunity to recalibrate.”

(Taylor O’Leary, Massachusetts) “This has been an incredible summer so far.”

Incredible both off, and on the road – the majority of which, by the way, is now behind them.

(Marko Lazin, New York) “We’re a little bit over halfway and at the beginning of this trip this felt like an impossible task.”

(Taylor O’Leary, Massachusetts) “It’s going to be sad to leave all these 36 people because we spend so much time together.”

Although, that ending is still more than 15-hundred miles to the west. In McHenry County, Jim Olson, KX News

Click here to learn more about Bike and Build.

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