As Joe Biden becomes America’s 46th president today, some North Dakota lawmakers are looking to preemptively curb the impact his executive orders could have on the state.

House Bill 1164 would allow North Dakota to exempt itself from applying certain presidential orders. Under the bill, orders could go unenforced if the attorney general deems them unconstitutional and if they relate to pandemics, gun rights, the regulation of coal, oil, agriculture and more.

Minot Republican Representative Matthew Ruby is one of the bill’s co-sponsors. He says it’s not directed toward the new administration but rather, an expansion of executive powers in general.

“I would’ve supported it whether it was Trump or Bush or Obama — any of them. I really think there’s a huge difference between going through Congress and getting something passed compared to, you didn’t get your way so you’re putting it in as an executive order,” Ruby said.

The bill had a hearing on Wednesday, but the committee did not yet vote on the legislation.