Birth Rates Are Down Nationally

Births in the US are the lowest they’ve been in 30 years according to CBS News.

There could be a few reasons for it and as Alexus Arthur finds out from a working wife – there could be a few reasons for it.

“Not right now,” said Katie Moore, Wife.

Katie Moore has been married to her husband Zach for about a year. They both know that kids are in their future but that future is still a ways away.

“I think its definitely become the norm to just wait it out, live your life with who you have right now and I mean if it happens it happens but we have plan with what we want to do,” said Moore.

Katie would like 4 kids but there are other things that need to happen before the kids come.

“So having a place where they could just stay in and grow up is important to him and I,” said Moore.

A psychologist tells us there could be many reasons why birth rates are down – but one major reason is stress.

“People are just overwhelmed with the stresses of daily living,” said Stephan Podrygula, Psychologist.

North Dakota in 2016 reported over 11 thousand births which was up from 2015. The Department of Health is still working on 2017 numbers but they say that it’s similar to 2016. Nationally, there were over 3 million births which is about 92,000 less than the previous year.

“I think money is a big thing,” said Moore.

In Katie’s case, it’s all about being established in her relationship, home, and career first.

“I want to get my foot in the door before having kids,” said Moore.

If we break it down by age women in their teens, 20s, and 30s all dropped for the number of births in 2017.

The only age group to increase was women in their 40s.

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