Bis-Man Transit No Longer Stopping at Gateway Mall


Bis-Man Transit wants people to know that there is no longer a bus stop available to riders at the Gateway Mall. 

Instead, that stop has been moved over to Mapleton Avenue, on the Southwest side of the street next to 14th. 

According to Roy Rickert, the Executive Director of Bis-Man Transit, they were informed Tuesday, June 11th by the Gateway Mall that their buses could no longer stop there. 

Rickert says it was a decision made by Gateway Mall and that they cited damage to asphalt as the reason to halt the route. 

He added that the new route location isn’t the most convenient place and that they will continue to look for better alternatives, but that this was the best Bis-Man Transit could do on short notice. 

A phone call to Gateway Mall has not yet been returned.

This isn’t the first time Gateway Mall has threatened to not allow stops. A year and a half ago the two companies went through a near-identical issue, but were able to work out the difference.

To read more about that, CLICK HERE.

Gateway Mall, Bis-Man Transit working out problems

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