Bisman Transit Looking to Give the Community a Lift

Three-hundred thousand rides a year, that’s how many trips Bisman Transit takes to get you where you need to go.

Despite recent budget cuts, and rerouting, local public transportation plays a vital role in keeping Bismarck and Mandan residents connected.

There may be a few bumps in the road but this bus driver’s door is always open.

And for those like Kennard Friesz, looking to catch the bus, he just has to take a seat.

“It’s accessible to anybody,”Kennard Friesz, Mandan resident says.

BisMan Transit serves anyone in the community who needs a ride, but executive Director Roy Rickert says, there are those who walk through their doors more than others.

“We do a lot of rides for the student population, low income people, elderly, [and] disabled, ” Rickert says.

But it isn’t without its challenges.

Just last year, budget cuts forced Bisman Transit to consolidate routes turning 12- two hour loops, to 6 back and forth routes as well as raising fares for the first time in eight years.

“I already know that map by heart, not by heart they changed routes, [but] I use to,” Richard Michalenko, Bismarck resident says.

“They have good route coverage so I think it’s very affordable,” Friesz says.

Kennard, and those like him, say they’ll keep riding the bus.

“Some do not have transportation of their own so they do definitely need it,” Friesz says.

So he says the next time he needs to grab a seat, it’ll be as simple as waving one down.

It’s been nearly a year since budget cuts forced Bisman Transit to reroute and raise fares to public buses but they say despite some changes, they will continue to keep serving anyone who needs a lift in the Bismarck –Mandan area.

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