The Annual Aviation Career Day took place at the Bismarck Aero Center today

Over 800 5th graders from 16 elementary schools showed up to participate in this interactive learning experience. The goal is for students to attend hands-on presentations from places like ND Game and Fish, Air Traffic Control and TSA —to learn about a career in aviation and how to apply it to their everyday lives.

“We come every year, Basin Electric, and it’s a great event to show the kids what aviation is all about and give them a little bit, a taste of what kind of career they can have,” said Mark Schlafman/Pilot at Basin Electric. 

Students got to see a few different aircrafts like a National Guard Blackhawk helicopter, an Air Medical King Air ambulance and a crop spraying Thrush.  

One student said he was excited to see the helicopters… in particular.

“I just like helicopters and what color they are and then a lot of video games are fun to drive around in helicopters,” said Aiden Berogen/5th grader at Sunrise Elementary. 

He also said his favorite aircraft that he saw today…was the military helicopter…