As things slowly get back to normal, the Statewide Census Office in Bismarck has reopened.

The opening of the office will allow activities like recruitment to resume.

Some positions in badly-needed areas pay more than $20 an hour.

Also restarting is something called “update leave”. That’s where a Census worker will actually come to your place of residence and hand-deliver your census information.

You don’t need to be home when it’s delivered.

Census officials say more than 40,000 North Dakota residents should expect something from the bureau.

“Most of them live in the more rural areas, and typically they either use a post office box or their delivery is not directly is not directly to their house, so we actually hire local census takers to go out and deliver a questionnaire and an invitation packet to them,” said Dennis Johnson, Deputy Regional Director of the Census.

As of Wednesday, 58.4% of North Dakotans have responded to the census.