Bismarck Commissioners Ask for Help From Legislators to Achieve 2019 Goals

Bismarck lawmakers are looking toward 2019.

This evening, the Bismarck City Commission met with Bismarck Legislative leaders to discuss their priorities, and how they can work together to improve the city.

Bismarck Mayor Steve Bakken says infrastructure will be the most pressing focus for Commissioners next year. He says in order to fix the roads and the wastewater system, he will rely on support from the Legislature.

Mayor Bakken says it’s a sizable list of projects, and for Bismarck to be a successful community, 
Commissioners need to have a good, working relationship with Legislators.

He adds, “The things that we can do to help bring other pieces to the community for our residents, and help both financially and from a quality of life perspective, that’s where these conversations come into play. Those are the things we’re looking at addressing for the residents of Bismarck.”

All Legislators representing North Dakota will take a seat at the Capitol January 3rd.

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