As the number of new coronavirus cases grows by the day, one of those who beat the virus is speaking out and hoping everyone takes it seriously.

Nathan Scott is a rocker, performing with the band One n Done around the Bismarck/Mandan area, but his battle with the coronavirus was anything but a “one and done” situation.

The 49-year-old Bismarck husband and father of three says his symptoms began, on of all days, Friday, March 13.

“Initially, it was just like any other cold, body aches, cold sweats. I never took a temperature for fever but I was cold and sweaty at the same time, and then within two days, I started coughing and it just gradually got worse and on the fourth day is when my wife said I needed to go in and get checked,” said Scott.

Doctors noticed his oxygen levels were very low and he was rushed to the hospital, where his chest was X-rayed.

“One doctor said they looked like a light bulb had been put inside my lungs and pretty much stomped on. He kind of drew a diagram what it normally should look like and just how extensive it was and how quick it has gone,” said Scott.

In all, Scott would spend eight agonizing days in the intensive care unit at St. Alexius hospital. He says the coronavirus threw everything in the book at him, and those early days were the worst, with him coughing for up to six hours straight.

“The second and third day is when I kind of realized how serious it was because they had me on oxygen, and I don’t know much about how much they normally pump in terms of oxygen but they had me up to 8 milliliters of oxygen,” said Scott.

He says his fever would top out around 101 and he had tremendous pain in unusual portions of his body, such as his thighs and legs. He says early on, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to beat it.

“It had crossed my mind, but once they said I had crossed that line where things were getting better, I wasn’t concerned about it turning back the other way,” said Scott.

He would get dangerously close to needing a ventilator but thankfully avoided it.

But the virus did take its toll. In the days he was hospitalized, Nate would shed over 15 pounds, mostly from sweating and coughing so much.

He says one of his other fears was that he spread the virus to his family, which so far they are symptom-free.

He continues to keep his distance from his family and mostly stay in the basement, for not only their protection but for his as well.

“It may take another month for my lungs to get back to where they are so to get it in between now and then would be worse than the first time because you’re already starting off in a worse place,” said Scott.

Scott says he’s scheduled to see his doctor next week for a check-up and would donate his plasma if it could save others lives.