Bismarck High School Construction Update

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This year, Bismarck Public Schools has taken on 5 different school projects. 

And, Bismarck High is one of them. The school is getting an auditorium, expanding it’s gym, and also getting a new and more secure entryway. Construction began in late spring, and should be complete by the fall of 2019. Bismarck Public Schools operations manager says the construction shouldn’t disrupt regular school routines. While the plan was to complete the entry way by the start of school, things are a bit behind schedule. 

Darin Scherr; Business and Operations Manager: “You know, we had a little bit of noise in the spring on the north side, but that part of construction will be complete. There may be a little bit of noise. What’s exciting is that noise is their new space.”

He says, while they’ve relocated some bus drop-offs and the staff parking lot, it will mostly be business as usual.

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