Bismarck Native Engineers JT’s Mic Stand


Justin Timberlake took to the stage Sunday night for a show-stopping performance and a Bismarck native helped bring it to life.

This part, where he dances with the mic, the bounce back mic stand was designed by Daniel Reetz.
Justin Timberlake’s choreographer approached him with the idea of a stand that springs back once it’s thrown.

The whole project took around 6 months to complete, and what you saw on TV Sunday night was the eleventh prototype.

“Really the absolute peak for me was watching Justin use it. Because I’m an engineer, designer, I built this thing. But I have no moves at all. And Justin took it further and pushed it harder than I ever imagined even in that little brief moment,” said Reetz.

Reaction to the mic stand routine Timberlake performed has been positive overall. Some have even said it was the best part. 

“Sort of watching Twitter and the Internet at large react, a lot of people said they liked the mic stand section of the show the best. And overall, its just been overwhelmingly positive. It was a hit, it worked out perfectly. And I really look forward to potentially seeing more of it,” Reetz added. 

Reetz grew up in Bismarck and moved to Los Angeles in 2009. 

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