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400 Protesters Clash with Law Enforcement on Backwater Bridge

As of 1 A.M. between one hundred and two hundred protesters are still at the site.
Morton County reports one law enforcement officer was struck in the head with a rock.
About a dozen fires have been set at the site of the protest.
Protesters say a gym in Cannonball has been opened to aid demonstrators who were soaked on a night where the temperatures dipped into the low 20's.
10 P.M.
A confrontation on Backwater Bridge involving nearly 4-hundred protesters north of the protest camp.
The confrontation began around 6 pm tonight according to police where a previously burned vehicle was removed by protesters.
Law enforcement say the incident escalated from there saying they were attacked by protesters retaliating with a riot control agent packed with tear gas.
There are reports of fires being started by protesters. 
Area fire departments are on scene. 
This is an ongoing situation.
We will have continued updates on our morning show. 


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