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Congressional Candidates Talk Trade in Advance of Trump's Visit

Tonight during President Donald Trump's speech in Fargo North Dakota State Senator Kelly Armstrong addressed the crowd of over 6,000.

Come November, Armstrong will be competing against Mac Schneider for the U.S. House Seat.

We stopped in the Democratic Coordinated Offices to hear from Schneider.

He told us he hopes to work closely with the Trump administration if given the chance, but wants to see major changes in North Dakota's trade industry.

"Let's keep our customers. Let's maintain those relations with China, the E.U., Mexico, Canada. Then build on those good trade policies that we do have in place and not go backwards-- that's the critical thing," said Mac Schneider, Democratic candidate for U.S. House. 

His office has seen nearly 300 volunteers today alone, making calls and door knocking.

Their goal was to reach 12 thousand people today, coincidentally double the capacity of the Scheels arena.

All of that is in an effort to beat Kelly Armstrong. 

We sat down with the State Senator today as he geared up for the Trump Rally. 

Armstrong, a Dickinson native, has been in Fargo since yesterday.

He's been going around meeting voters and doing interviews. 

He told us some people actually put up a tent and camped out at the Scheels Arena last night. 

You heard from about Schneider's views on trade, so we also asked Armstrong if he supports the trade tariffs. 

"With soft commodity prices and the drought we had in North Dakota last year we need better trade deals but we can't afford a long term trade war to get there so people are optimistic, they have hope," Armstrong said. 

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