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Emergency SOS Features on Smartphones

The days of land lines are becoming a thing of the past, making an emergency call more than just a 1-step process.

We're putting your families, and your children's safety first with tips to prepare for an emergency.
Lieutenant Pat Haug with the Mandan PD says having a plan for all disaster situations is important.. 
Making sure your kids know how to reach you or 911 is something all families should discuss.

Lt. Pat Haug: "Get in there. One, as a parent, learn how the phone works, learn how you can access that kind of information in those alerts, and show your kids how to do it. Explain to them, differentiate when to use it, when not to. Every kids a bit different, so the parents are the best to know how those kids are going to be able to handle certain things."

There are a couple different ways to call emergency services on your smartphone. 


Hit your sleep/power/lock button five times in a row. An emergency SOS screen will appear, notifying the nearest law enforcement of your location automatically. You can 3 seconds to cancel the call. If the call is not canceled, it will automatically contact law enforcement. Another way to activate this feature is by holding down the volume button and the lock button simultaneously. 

To make sure these setting are activated on your iPhone, go to Settings and select Emergency SOS.

Samsung and Android Phones: 

Android users can add emergency information into your phone that can be accessed on the lock screen. To add your emergency information, go to settings, and click "add emergency information."

To make an emergency call without a passcode, the home screen has an "emergency call" option at the bottom of the screen. 

All other phones: 

Not all phones have the SOS feature. If your phone does not, you can download several applications to add that feature to your cell.

-SOS Emergency App
-SOS Stay Safe
-Emergency Button (SOS)

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