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Improvements Planned for Heart River Levee System

The Heart River levee system is scheduled for necessary improvements.

A FEMA study shows the river isn't equipped for the event of an ice jam during a 100-year run-off event.

This jeopardizes FEMA funding.

Because of this change, the Heart River needs to get up to standards to maintain accreditation.

With a project already on the agenda, the levee system gets to keep their funding.

Why does this matter? For Mandan residents, without the FEMA accreditation, they'd be paying flood insurance premiums out-of-pocket.

Chairman of the Lower Heart River Water Resource District Bill Robinson explains, "I think as long as we can maintain 100-year accreditation, property values will hold up and future property development will still continue at the pace it's currently at. It's a big deal: if a 100-year floodplain comes into effect, property values will be impacted."

Robinson says he's confident Mandan will be able to carry out improvements in the five year timeline allotted.

Construction is set to begin in 2020.

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