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Mandan High School gets future voters ready

It's reported that the younger generation is one of the worst groups to get out and vote.
Mandan High School is trying to change that. Today the school put on a mock election for all their students to show them what an actual voting process is like.

According to Pew Research younger generations are making up the majority of the available voting population. However, they're the least likely to go out and vote.

Mandan High School has been holding mock elections for students over the years. Their goal is to get future young voters to understand the importance of voting.

Teacher at Mandan High School, Kurt Miller says, "Trying to make it real we make them vote on their own time they can't do it during class. They have to have ids to come and vote. Again just trying to make that experience as real as possible.

Owen Piehl, a Senior at Mandan, recently had the unique opportunity to help moderate a Senate debate between Heidi Heitkamp and Kevin Cramer. He's a volunteer for Mandan's election.

"We are in high school and we are not allowed to go vote for real so its hard to go get people interested in the process and the issues so having a mock election gives people a chance to first of all understand how to vote and why it's important, says Piehl. "And just give them an opportunity to see what it is really like."

Miller says, "Yeah you see that excitement of kids. We got a number of kids that are 18 and they are like yeah I actually went and voted early and talking about the experience of voting. They get excited about it when they know they can go out there and do it."
This is one of the biggest elections in North Dakota history but the million dollar question is how is Mandan High School going to vote? Mandan High School says they will post the final results tomorrow for students to see.
Miller says they pre-polled the Heitkamp-Cramer race and 65% were in favor of Cramer.




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