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Middle school student's wish comes true

There was a plot in the works at Trinity School in Dickinson, ND on Thursday afternoon, and it involved the police department,  a group of non- profit volunteers, and someone they call Mr.Gray

Their target was a 12-year-old middle school student named Zeke Kreitinger.

"Three to four weeks ago we met Mr. Gray, but we found out about Zeke only three or five weeks ago. This one went pretty quick," said Kelly Braun, wish granter/Make-A-Wish North Dakota.

Zeke and his middle school classmates thought they were going to the school auditorium to see a K-9 presentation with Officer Jayden Peters and his dog Kalo, but things quickly took a turn, when Zeke was presented with a nine week old male golden retriever, from Make a Wish North Dakota.

"We always try to like to surprise the kids. It makes it a little bit bigger and better for them. Make them feel special," said Braun.

Zeke said he was, "very surprised" by the gift.

The sixth-grader suffers from cerebellar ataxia, a nervous system disorder that affects his muscle control and voluntary movement.

Before Thursday's event, he had told his wish granters, Braun and Nicole Ewoniuk, the one thing he always wanted was a puppy.

"Number one for sure. It (puppy) wasn't even close. . .  that's for sure," said Becky Kreitinger, Zeke's mom.

Braun said the reason he wanted a puppy was because "He wanted someone to hang out with, on his corner of the couch."
His father, Michael Kreitinger, added " . . . someone that can match his energy, and when he is down will be there with him".

Braun said they looked at a lot of different puppies, but when they saw Mr. Gray they knew he was the one for Zeke.

"He was really mild-mannered for a puppy and loving".

Zeke said already has plans for his new friend when he gets home.

"Sit with him on the couch."

The name Mr. Gray seems to fit Zeke's new best friend for now, but mom and dad said it will be up to Zeke what his permanent name will be.

Since 1985, Make-A-Wish North Dakota has granted over 900 wishes to children across the state.



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