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Moritz Sport & Marine feeling impacts of rising river levels

While most of the sandbagging is all precautionary, there are some already feeling the impacts. Moritz Sport and Marine out in Mandan have been dealing with the rising levels around their docks for the last couple weeks.

Service manager Gary Emter tells me they have had to raise their docks 6 times. They can only be raised so much before the pipes disappear under the water. And getting access to the docks through ramps becomes more challenging as they may get flooded. All of these things are causing a lot of concern - especially if the weather plays a factor as well. 

"If we keep getting big rains over the lake and in Montana, because we get the runoff from there too, I don't know. I hope not. Because that would be disastrous if it happened. For everybody," said Emter.

But those with boats in the docks don't need to worry. Emter doesn't expect any impacts to them whatsoever.

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