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Releases from Garrison Dam again on the rise

The Army Corps of Engineers says releases from the Garrison Dam are increasing to 52,000 cfs.

Releases had been at 44,000 cubic feet per second.

Those increased releases will come over the next three days, and be at 52,000 cfs on June 20.

The continuation of high inflows from melting snowpack and rainfall runoff are being the increased releases.

Currently at Lake Sakakawea the reservoir is at 1851.1 feet.

The peak is expected to be 1852.5 in the next two weeks as snowpack melt tapers off.

The increased releases at 52,000 cfs are expected through early July.

The Missouri River near Bismarck is expected to rise from 10.5 up to 12 feet.

A press release on Monday says "the Corps will continue to monitor basin and river conditions, including rainfall and mountain snowmelt, and will adjust the releases based on the most up-to-date information."

There will be no public access to the wing walls. The west tailrace access will remain fully open to the public. 



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