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Rescue Task Force Saved Lives in CA Shooting; Mandan Has Their Own Ready To Go

A Rescue Task Force, is being praised for helping save lives in last night's shooting. A task force just like that one that is already in place in Mandan.

Two weeks ago, we brought you the exclusive story, of Mandan first responders, creating a Rescue Task Force, to respond to mass tragedy. Their goal is to assess injured victims, a new tactic that gets medical attention to those in danger quicker. Last night proved that tactic can save lives. Shane Weltikol says preparing for the worst is a part of their job.

Shane Weltikol; Firefighter Paramedic Mandan Fire Department: "For us it hits extremely close to home. This is what we're training for. God forbid this ever happens here. This is why we're doing what we're doing, so we are ready for this type of situation."

Both Mandan Fire and Police say the more they work together, the greater potential for saving lives if such a tragedy happened here.

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