Bismarck Pastor Discusses Parenting

Bullying and school safety have been in the news a lot lately. One pastor says something has to change.

He says it all starts and ends in the home.

Prairie Heights Pastor Michael Kraemer has spent the last month discussing kids and parenting.

He calls the sermon series, ‘Raising Home Run Kids’, and today he concluded his message.

Kraemer says parenting is challenging, and it’s all about being intentional with raising them.

The Pastor explains, “If they can learn to connect with their purpose; if kids can feel good and win within themselves, when they look in the mirror they feel good about who they are; if they can learn how to connect with people, work with people relationally and ultimately grow up to do something they absolutely love: They’re going to have a home run life.”

Pastor Kraemer provided parents with tips and tools for parents in their everyday lives. 

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