Bismarck PD offers free alcohol education to bars, restaurants

Training is a key part of virtually any job, especially those in the service industry. And businesses can get in a lot of trouble if it’s not done right. Shelby Rose shows us what Bismarck P.D. does to help out. 

Laughing Sun Brewing company is one of 10 bars and restaurants in the area that opts-in to alcohol education from the Bismarck Police Department. 

“As a small company, sometimes we don’t have all the resources that a larger nation-wide firm or nation-wide chain would have. So, having Bismarck PD provide this free training was really a nice asset for us to use,” said Benjamin Bernhardt, general manager of Laughing Sun.

Like Bernhardt said, the training is completely free. Their servers learn every law in the book when it comes to serving alcohol in the state. 

Bismarck Police officer Clint Fuller said, “North Dakota ranks number one in binge drinking, so we’re kind of helping the businesses to deter that, make sure people don’t go in and drink too much and leave and then get a DUI. So, that’s kind of what we’re hoping to deter by doing this program.”

Fake IDs are getting more and more realistic, so one rule of thumb that Laughing Sun uses, anyone who looks under the age of 35 gets carded.

“You know, in the past, they would just look at the ID and just serve the person. They weren’t checking the date on them. We really want to press that, to look at the date, do the math, and make sure this person is 21,” said officer Fuller. 

And if someone underage drinks or is over-served on the premises, Laughing Sun could get in a lot of trouble. 

Bernhardt added, “It protects, first and foremost, our employee’s jobs. It protects my job because if I over-serve somebody, I can be held liable. Laughing Sun as a company can be held liable, and ultimately, I feel it really protects our community.” 

Saying the lowered risk of intoxicated drivers on the streets leads to fewer crashes. 

The course is open to any business wanting to use it. All you have to do is contact the Bismarck PD for more information.

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