Bismarck resident says government website told him the wrong place to vote

Nearly 20 percent of people who can vote in North Dakota actually did vote yesterday. However, it wasn’t a smooth ride for everyone.

Scotty Mewes looked up where he was supposed to vote on North Dakota’s government website. It told him to go to Evangel Church, but when receiving his ballot, there were no local elections on it. He thought it was odd, so after speaking with Burleigh County Auditor Kevin Glatt, the site was wrong. Mewes should have gone to Legacy High School. He said he feels that his voter rights were suppressed.

“They were definitely affected. I mean, I knew who I wanted to vote for and what I was going in there for and the reasons why I wanted to for them. We know there’s corruption in Bismarck, and that’s what I’m trying to put a stop to with my vote. And if I can’t do that, it’s like then who knows what’s going to happen?” said Mewes.

We reached out to the auditor’s office and have not heard back for comment.

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