Bismarck Road Funding Tax Moves Forward

Bismarck – With the 2018 election in the rear view mirror, local officials are getting to work after a number of measures were approved by voters.

One of those measures was Bismarck City Measure One.

Measure one will create a new half cent sales tax that will go to fund construction projects for nearly a dozen Bismarck city roads that are badly in need of repair.

The new tax is expected to create nearly 80-million dollars in new revenue over 10 years to fund the roadwork.

City Officials tell KX News there’s also hope the city could get additional funding if a bill dubbed “Operation Prairie Dog”, which is tied to oil tax revenue, passes in the state legislature…

“They were looking at a minimum of two and a half million dollars to upwards of 16 million dollars, but of course, that could all change, but we’re just very excited that, that type of discussion and opportunity to share oil and tax dollars with municipalities” Said Bismarck City Administrator Keith Hunke.

Hunke adds any additional funding could speed the project along, and end the tax earlier than the 10 year deadline.

A public hearing on the ordnance changes that go with the tax increase has been scheduled for December 18th at the City County Building in Bismarck.

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