(singing) “We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas.”
The room was full of Christmas spirit at the Parker Center.
“Oh my dear this is so sweet, thank you dear. Merry Christmas.”
Last week, a unique partnership teamed up to donate blankets to the community.
(Maxim/Bel Air Second Grader) “Well, first Gate City Bank brought the blankets in and they cut them before they let us tie them, so then the whole class helped with tying.”
(Farr) “Did you have fun with your classmates doing that?”
(Maxim) “Mmhm.” (nods head)
This week, they got to bring their donations first hand to those in need.
(Maxim/Second Grade) “They don’t have much stuff and their family can’t, well sometimes their family can come visit them but not much and they don’t have enough stuff to help them and we think that blankets will help them very well.”
Seniors so happily accepted the second graders’ act of kindness – you could feel the gratitude in the air.
(teacher) “Merry Christmas to you from all the kids at Bel Air.”
“You know, love is something that we all need, the warmth of love. And the warmth and love that these children have shown – I’m sure this is going to keep all of us wonderfully warm.”
(singing) “Up on the house top, reindeer paws, out comes good old Santa Claus.”