Bloodhound used in search of missing boater

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department hasn’t given up on the recovery of 74-year-old Lynn Fairfield. 
And they’re using every resource they can.

6-year-old Boudreaux is a working bloodhound for the North Dakota Highway Patrol. He was brought out this afternoon to sniff the banks in hopes of picking up Fairfield’s scent. 

“We’ll come out here and check the sites and make sure we have eyes on the water. And then we’ll use the dog when the opportunity arises and there’s something we think is worth checking,” said Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier. 

Boudreaux and his handler Steven Mayer walked the banks of the Heart River. His sole purpose in law enforcement is to find people. And his breed is very specific to that job.

Mayer said, “The bloodhound has really big ears. loppy ears. What they do is they use the ears to help collect the odor and bring the odor into their nose. And the wrinkles in the dog also helps collect odor so the dog can use that odor and hopefully track or trail somebody and find them.”

They were able to get Fairfield’s scent from his car seats and away they went. This team is one of two in North Dakota. And they even travel out of state to assist other agencies in locating people. In Boudreaux’s 6 years, they have had some really good finds, but it’s not all that common.

“Generally speaking, it’s probably only about 10% due to the fact that we usually get called hours after the fact. But if we find one person out of 10, that’s a success in my book,” said Mayer.

Mayer and Boudreaux checked two separate spots about a quarter mile away from each other and were unable to locate any scent of Fairfield. But the Morton County Sheriff’s Office will continue to search tomorrow and the days ahead.

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