Blue light effect on your health

Too much blue light takes a toll on your body even though it’s natural light. 

“What we’re looking for is exposure and how much exposure we get,” said optometrist Darin Johnson.

Which is a lot for the average American… because most of us are constantly behind a computer desk, scrolling through our phones, or watching tv. 

“As we’re exposed to more electronics LED’s, smartphones, TV’s that increased exposure is causing our bodies not to be able to keep their normal clock,” said Johnson.

Overexposure to blue light is something Alex Harrom started to notice in college… 

“I stayed up late I was always on my phone –just some piece of technology was always in front of my eyes,” said Alex Harrom.

and she would end up with chronic migraines.  But, the glasses she now wears protects her eyes, they have blue light protection lenses and she says this has helped greatly reduce the number of migraines she has.

“And since then I’ve had maybe multiple here and there but that even over the time span of two-three years,” said Harrom.

Blue light doesn’t just affect adults, it’s worse on kids eyes… 

“We actually have some natural protection from blue light because of the lens filters out some that –but children don’t,” said Johnson.

His best advice to avoid blue light? 

“The biggest thing is just decreasing your screen time,” said Johnson.

because it will help you and your eyes in the long run… 

Dr. Johnson says you can also set mobile phones to the night shift, or buy blue light filters for your computer screens. 

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