Board Game Sales on the Rise?

With the world going digital — people are connected to their devices and social media.

We sent Heidi Werosta to a local store that doesn’t sell anything computerized.

And what she found surprise may you.

The world is going more digital and one local store is all about the board games and says sales are doing pretty good.

Brian Zelmar, Owner of Card Games and More, says, “Nothing dramatic, jumping off the charts, but just steady. Clientele — steady growth of customers.”

With over 4,000 games — 200 different kinds of Monopoly alone. 
Brian Zelmar says people are still “scrabbeling” for the “hard copy”.

“They come in here because they want to get them off of the digital equipment and get them out to the kitchen table,” says Zelmar.

That’s what Courtney is here for.

Courtney Christianson-Anabell, Bismarck Resident, says, “When you have kids it’s just kind of better to use the imagination.” 

Frohlich says board games add an interaction between people… something that video games can’t.

Lesley Frohlich, Owner of Comic Realms, says, “Useful skills that kids can learn from playing board games. Different decision making and critical thinking, problem solving.” 

The digital age had it’s time — but, it appears it may no longer have the monopoly — people are going back to old school.

Wes Anderson, Comic Collector, says, “A turn back lately with vinyl’s coming back. I think a lot of people getting back into the older media.”

Zelmar says, “Do we want this or do we want to balance it and I see people stepping away from it. Not entirely, but to balance it.”

Anderson is a collector of comic books and has bought a few digital ones, but there’s just something special about having a copy in your hands. 
Just like the board games.

Zelmar says out of all the board games he sells — it is the older games that sell best, like from the 50’s and 60’s.

He descibes it as ‘selling memories’. 

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