Boaters: Be Mindful Of Rising Waters


Bismarck – While water levels on the Missouri River here in Bismarck may still be lower than normal, that’s going to change soon.

The river currently sits at about five and a half feet.

But the releases coming from the Garrison Dam in the next few weeks will raise the water level of the Missouri river another six feet, to eleven and a half feet.

All that water could cause problems for boaters and people having fun on the river.

Game and Fish says boaters should look for more debris, such as logs and large pieces of trees, but you should also watch out for shifting sandbars.

“Boaters out there, you know, if you were out there last week and then you go a week later, the sandbar’s may not be exactly where they were a week ago, so you need to be aware of that”, said Robert Timian: Chief, Enforcement Division, ND Game & Fish Department.

He adds once water levels stabilize in a few weeks, the debris should make their way back to the bottom of the river.

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