Boil order remains in effect for Sawyer residents

A boil order remains in place for residents of Sawyer as a result of a broken water main.

Reporter Nathalie Gomez was there this morning talking to residents and city officials on how they’re holding up.

It’s a break that happened late Wednesday evening of this week, leaving residents without water for several hours on Thursday. 

“We recognize an issue with our reservoir as a result of this so there’s some work that has to be done with that,” said city auditor Susan Schmidt.

Water service was restored late last night, but it’s coming from a well water system the city used prior to North Praire Water District which supplies this reservoir.

“our well water is now running to the residents –so we are still on a boil order until we can get the reservoir back up and working,” said Schmidt.

The boil order is a safety precaution until health officials deem the water supply safe. 

“The chemical make up of the well water is different than north prairie rural water so there’s always a chance that when the chemical make up of the water is different through the lines different sentiments can break free,” said Schmidt.

But even with water back on, the school and local businesses remain closed. 

Residents, however, can stop by city hall to pick up drinking water if they need it…. 

“We tend to all pull together to help each other out,” said Schmidt.

We spoke to a resident who says, things like this happen in small towns like Sawyer so he’s not stressing out too much. 

“It’s happened before, it’s not like 2011 when we had the flood,” said resident  Wallace Darkow.

He’s maintaining a positive attitude for now…

“Yesterday we didn’t have water to boil –we melted snow on the stove to put in the toilet tanks to flush the toilet,” said Darkow.

Water tower specialists will be in Sawyer next week, looking for a way to get the system back to normal.

Sawyer residents can stop by city hall to pick up drinking water if they need it. 

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