A fifth generation Bowman native is throwing his hat into the ring to be the next sheriff in the county.

Twenty – six year old Bowman County Sheriff Deputy, Jordan Fisher, thinks his youth and energy will benefit him come election time.

He said if elected Sheriff of Bowman County people won’t see him sitting behind a desk, he will be out and about in the community with the deputies.

He only has about five years of experience in law enforcement, but he said a couple of his campaign pledges is to bring drug dogs and body cams to the department.

“We have a narcotics issue here in Bowman County.  Pretty much every state in North Dakota does. I think a drug dogs will really help combat that issue,” said Fisher.

The position opened up when former Bowman County Sheriff, Rory Teigen, resigned last Summer.

He was the Sheriff in Bowman County since 1996.

Teigen is currently Chief Deputy Sheriff in Slope County, where he is running for Sheriff.

Dick Fredrick has been the Sheriff in Bowman County since Teigen left.

The other candidates in the race are Jason Dodge, as well as, Bowman County Sheriff Deputies Frank Eberle and Doug Langhoff.