Bowman’s sheriff is enjoying new role

Bowman County’s new sheriff is pleased with how his department is coming together since he was elected into office. 

Sheriff Frank Eberle has hired two new deputies since he was elected.

The department now has three total and is fully staffed.

Eberle, who has about 15 years of experience in law enforcement, also said their relationship with the police department has been the best it’s ever been since he has been with the sheriff’s office.

However, sheriff’s biggest move was re-allocating $23,000 budgeted for the Southwest Narcotics Task Force back to the sheriff’s office.

Eberle said they will now have more resources to investigate local drug problems in the county, and they recently executed a successful search warrant and arrest.

“We served a search warrant, and during that warrant, we came across meth, paraphernalia and other items that suggested distribution,” said Eberle.

Bowman County is more than 1,110 square miles, and the sheriff is exploring the idea of stationing a full-time deputy in the township of Scranton

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