Box Elder Bugs Are Out & About

When the sun comes out at this time of year, so do bugs especially box elder bugs.

Alexus Arthur reports on the black and red bug that makes many of us squirm.

Where you find one, you can usually find many.

“They’re just everywhere. They fly into your car, they’re on you, you go inside and they drop off.” said Ron Penfold, Minot Resident.

But there’s not too much to worry about.

“Just a nuisance pest you know it’s what we call a miscellaneous invader which means nobody knows why they don’t like them, they just don’t like them.” said Keith Howell, Guardian Pest Solutions District Manager.

Most of us notice the bugs in the fall when the sun is shining and temperatures are still warm.

“They’re all around the foundation of the house and when it gets sunny they come up onto your siding.” said Penfold.

You might not notice, but these bugs stick around all year.

“Sometimes you’ll see them in December and January on just a sunny day.” said Howell.

Keith Howell says that when you have a light textured wall or siding plus the sun, it’s like a day on the beach for the box elders.

“People have this stigma, if you got a bug it’s a bad bug but it’s not always necessarily true.” said Howell.

If there isn’t any light coming from the sky, they have a hiding spot.

“They wedge themselves in between sidings.” said Howell.

But they’re nothing to be afraid of.

“I got a cat that chases them.” said Penfold.

“They only grow to like half an inch. They’re a lot of them but yes, they’re tiny.” said Howell.

They won’t bite.

“They just get a bad rep.” said Howell.

But bugging you, that’s something they can do. Alexus Arthur, KX News.

Howell says that box elders typically come from ash and oak trees.

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